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E CHUNG MACHINERY CO., was establish in 1975; manufacture and design various equipment for Biological Technology, Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry of whole line automatic equipments are accordance with cGMP and electronic, electric industry, laboratory of heating and drying equipment. Quality management system thought ISO 9001 provides highest quality and efficiency of equipment.


GMP Standard Pharmaceutical/Food Machinery, Drying & Heating Equipment, Bottle Washing Machinery & Tunnel Dryer, Autoclave, Hot Air Sterilizer, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Drying Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Water Distilling Equipment, High-Speed Mixing Pelletizers, V-Type Mixers, Rubber Stopper Washing Machines, Stainless Steel Tanks & Jacketed Reactors, Mixers for Powders and Liquids, Vacuum Permeators, cGMP Pharmaceutical/ Biotech Food-marking Equipment, Industrial-Use Heating & Drying Equipment, Hot Air Sterilizer/Clean Room Oven, Vacuum Oven, Multiple Effect Distillation(Wfi) / Pure Steam Generator, Rotary Washing Machine, Tray Washing Machine, Automatic Washing Drying And Sterilizing Machinery, Tunnel-Type Washing Drying & Sterilizing Machine For Bottles, Hot Air Circulation Oven, Continuous Conveyor Dryer, Muffle Furnaces, Furnace Oven, Vacuum Permeater, Temp. & Humi. Chamber, Low Temp. Incubator, Air To Air Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Pressure Cooker Test, Salt Spray Tester


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