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Electrical components“SWITCH” is one of the key components in the electronic world. Without “switch” electronic product would not operate properly. Therefore choose an excellent “switch” would help the electronic product to be more valuable. Bomin Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan and specialize the following electronic components : ELECTRONIC COMPONENT / ELECTRONIC PART/Indicator Light/LED Indicator Light / Neon Indicator Light / Indicator Light Holder / Instrument Box / 2 in 1 Switch (Rocker Switch + Circuit Breaker)/Auto Switch / Marine Switch / Circuit Breaker / Thermostat / Fuse Holder/Terminal Block/ Eurostyle PCB Type / Plug In Type / Screwless Type / High Power Type / Wire to PCB Type Control COMPONENT-- Industrial Control Switches/ Limit Switch / Micro Switch/ 16mm Push button Switch / Foot Switch


LED Indicator Light, Neon Indicator Light, Pilot Indicator Light, Incandescent Indicator Light, Tungsten-filament Indicator Light, Indicator Light Holder, Toggle Switch, Lever Switch, Rocker Switch, Paddle Switch, Pushbutton Switch, Keyboard Switch, Tactile Switch, Tact Switch, Micro Switch, 2 in 1 Switch, Circuit Breaker, Thermostat, Fuse Holder, AC Socket, DC Socket, Instrument Box, Instrument Case, Control Component, Control Unit, DIP Switch, RCA Plug, RCA Connector, RCA Jack, Electronic Component, Electronic Part, Minature Switch, Auto Switch, Marine Switch, 22mm 30mm Pushbutton Switch, 22mm 30mm Selector Switch, 22mm 30mm Emergency-off Switch, 22mm 30mm Illuminated Pushbutton Switch, Relay, Temperature Controller, Timer Relay, Limited Switch, Graphic Operator Interface, Counter, Proximity Switch, Terminal Block, Bar Code Reader, PLC, Programmable Logic Controller, Photoelectric Switch, Foot Switch, auto machine, auto parts, auto, control part


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