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A major advance in weaving production, designed and engineered for all your weaving needs with superior productivity; C. S. Circular Looms are the power behind superior quality cloth weaving and with the efficiency to promote quicker return of investment. If smooth cloth weaving results and higher productivity are important in your business; chances are, you have already enjoyed and appreciating the value of C.S.’s performance-proven Circular Looms.

At C.S., our commitment to customer satisfaction, is backed by our comprehensive customer service system. When you buy a machine form C.S., you don’t just get a machine-you get C.S.’s comprehensive technical support, to ensure your machine runs smoothly. Get to know the C.S. engineering background, we’ve got the equipment and services you need, and they are ready to work for your today.

C. S. Machinery Co., Ltd. Designs/fabricate/exports Whole-Plant Production Equipment/Machinery for PP/HDPE woven sacks; PP/Kraft Paper sandwiched cement bags; Laminated PP cement bags; mesh bags for onion/potato; HDPE Tarpaulin and other relevant plastic machinery, that’s performance-proven around the world, which is also why C.S. MACHINERY is the leading choice of professionals for day-in, day-out operations.


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