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YU JONG MACHINERY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of both special and standard PP and PE woven bag machinery and whole-plant equipment. Since its establishment in 1982, YU JONG has been dedicated to the research and development of high performance machinery. In additition to supplying high quality and cost effective machinery, YU JONG also offers comprehensive production know-how for customers who can obtain the competitive edge from thes production.

We have an outstanding in-house engineering department, which constant technological research in order to achieve the highest productivity for pur machines.

YU JONG machines have been supplied to many countries around the world and have received the world and have received the full satisfaction from our customers. This level of dependability is achieved through our outstanding engineering efficiency, continuous research & development, and rigorous quality control, combined with our strong commitment to customer services. The future YU JONG depens upon serving our customers with high quality machines that fully meet their requirements.


Circular Knitting Machines, Plastics Extruders, Packnging Machine, Whole-plant Equipment, Bag Making Machine, Printing Machines, Fiber Drawing Machines, Laminating Machines, Color Printing Machine, Whole-Plant Equipment for Manufacturing Cement Sacks, PP/PE Woven Bags, Large Packaging Sacks, and Tarpaulin, Automatic Cutting, Sewing, and Hot Laminating Machines, Automatic Sewing Line for Cement Bage, High Speed Fully Auto One-side Bag Sealing/Sewing Machine, Mold-wall PP/PE-Paper Bag Making Machine, Circular Knitting Machines and Whole-plant Equipment, PP/PE Flat Yarn Extruding Line, Conversion Lines, Multi-Wall PP Paper Bag Making Machine 15M-P, Multi-Wall PP/PE Paper Bag Making Machine, Double-Side Lamination Machine, Sandwich Lamination Machine Equipment, Sing-Side Lamination Machine, Roll to Rool Printing Ling Printing Machine, 8 Shuttles Circular Loom


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