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Welding machines :
We would like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturer and specialized in making welding since 1972, started at welding machine for metal wires. In 1974, we developed the welding machine for fan grille.
We upgraded the machine to be automatic instead of semi-auto operation. Also kept on improving the whole plant equipment for fan network welding. Those precision and high efficiency equipments for molding industry make the production cost lower and profit increasing.

In 1985, we developed a series of welding machines for the industry. Such as:
1.Multi-spot welding machine. The machine is automatic feeds and suitable for welding the steel of construction, racks and flat steel surfaces.
2.Hydraulic multi-spot welding machine for grid board. The machine is suitable for welding the grid board or net to the industry. Also applicable to chemical plant and power plant, etc.


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