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Tele Long Tele Long was founded by specialists in 1977. Specialized in the production and exportation of switches, sockets & breaker and connectors as well as the various electronic components in audio & video, computer, telecommunication.
With years of experiences and enthusiastic service to the customers, Tele Long Has become the most reliable in service, quality and competitive price to customers.

For a wide range of quality components, we offer the service all in one
and also are dedicated for customer design.


Switch, AC/DC Socket, Breaker, Fuse Holder, MIC, RF, BNC, RCA, Connector, Banana, Audio Plug, Jack, AD/DC Socket, Fuse Holder Mic, Rca Connector, Banana Plug Binding Post, Push Button Switch, Circuit Breaker, Thermostat, Rocker Switch, XLR CONNECTOR, Audio Plug And Jack, BANAN TYPE, Alligator Clip & IC Clip, BINDING POST, LED, Car Use Switch, Auto Parts, Fuse Distribution, MCX Connector, MIC Connector, MMCX Connector, SOLDERLESS CABLE Connector, PAL Connector, 6/5.6 COAXIAL Connector, SMB Connector, SMA Connector, ANTENNA Connector, FME Connector, TWINAX Connector, TNC Connector, N Connector, F Connector, MINI-UHF Connetor, BNC Connector, UHF Connector, Snap-Acting Push Button Switch, Slide Switch, Miniature Toggle Switch, Sealed Sub-Miniature Toggle Switch, Rotary Switch, Micro Switch, Electronic components and parts, including switches, sockets, circuit breakers, connectors, plugs, jacks, adapters, fuse holders, RF connectors, TNC, SMA, SMB, MCX


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