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Established in 1988, we specialize in using precision pressing technology to manufacture progressive terminal dies, AV terminals, motor casings, parts for phone jacks and AV jack boards, computer connector parts, heat sinks, and auto parts. Our advanced inspection instruments, including micro-hardness testers, microscopes, and vision measuring system, enable us to guarantee the quality of all our products.

With 21 employees working in a 7,200-square-foot factory in Luchou City, Taipei County, Taiwan, we continue to develop high-precision products, and have been granted ISO 9001:2000 certification. Recently, we have focused on mass-producing precision parts and accessories for cell phones and digital cameras. We are able to manufacture precision parts for phone jacks and AV jack boards ranging from 1mm to 5mm.

We have a strong focus on upgrading our production technology and developing new products, and we welcome customers' samples and blueprints for cooperative innovation and new-product development. When you are looking for advanced production technology, superior-quality products, and satisfactory customer service, we are your best choice.


Progressive Terminal Dies, AV Terminals, Motor Casings, Parts for Computer-Use Connectors, Parts for Phone Jacks and AV Jack Boards, Heat Sinks, and Auto Parts


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