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Founded in 1987 in a central Taiwan county of Changhua, Tung Hua Ind. Corp. is a professional OEM and ODM maker of garden tools, including rakes, hoes and forks.
With Taiwanese rake makers heavily moving out to China, Tung Hua has weathered booms and recessions in Taiwan, but insists on staying at home. It has made staying put viable by relying on commitment to product quality and building customers` trust. This helps the company to earn solid dependability worldwide.

One of the company`s mainstream product lines is the rake series, which all feature stylish design and excellent performance. The company`s 4007AT rake series are aluminum-made, extendable shafts, and is convenient to stow. Since debuting in Japan, the rake series have become popular in the market with annual sales of 100,000 units per year.

TS112A01 rake series are the company`s hottest exports to the U.S., which are highlighted for its flexible, durable tangs. The rake series also feature compact dimensions and are lightweight, making gardening fun and efficient.

The patent-protected TS1042T series are the start performers among the company`s lines. The rake tangs and shafts of the series are all extremely solid as well as extendable. The series have captivated buyers in Japan, Russia, North America and Europe, and brought in sales of more than 500,000 units so far.


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