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King Jaws Metal Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, our unparalleled expertise in manufacturing various types of multi-functional extends over 20 years. In addition, 70% of our staff have been with us for over 8 years. Relative to our competitors, we have the most advanced equipment to perform integrated production with rigorous quality inspection. We adopt human-oriented management for upgraded quality, improved production efficiency and better manpower allocation. We are confident of exploring potential international markets with considerable R&D capability and innovation, and satisfactory service. Interested parties are invited to contact us to build profitable business opportunities on long-term basis.


Hand Hack Saw Blades, Air Hammers, Non Powered, Back Saws, Coping Saw Hand Saws, Frames with Blade Sots, Jig Saw Blades, Saw Lades, Pruning Saws, Bow Saws & Blades Magnetic Drill Press, End Mills, Annular Cutters, Diamond Core Bits, Chain Saws, Reciprocating Saw Blades Hole Saw & Hole Cutter, Hack Saw Frames, Thin Blade Hole Saws, Sharp Ultra Thin Circular Blades, Varbide Tipped Hole Saws, Multi Fold Saw, Foldable Curved Pruning Saw & Blades, Drywall Saws, Key Hole Saws, PVC Saws, Coping Saw Frames & Blades, Hedge Trimmer Blades & Grass Shears, hand Tools, Tool Sets, Garden Tools, Iron Bow Saws, Slitting Saws, Folding Camp Pruning Saws, Multipurpose Pruning Saws, U-type Bow Saws, Replacement Bow Saws, Keyhole Saws, Butcher Saws, Hand Tool Sets, Saw Sets


Number of Total Employees: 20
Year Established: 1986
Production Mode: OEM, OBM
Export Percentage: 90%
Export Market: The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: King Jaws, OEM
Competitive Advantages: Quality meets European standards
Products tested with precision instruments and equipment
Address: No. 50, Lane 186, Sunghuai Rd., Tastun Hsiang, Changhua Hsien, Taiwan 515
Telephone: 886-4-852-8527/8
Fax: 886-4-852-6553
URL: www.saw.com.tw

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