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Stand Electrical is an honorary benchmark group of the industry, founded in 1988 in Taiwan. The firm started out manufacturing magnetic tools, digital and mechanical torque wrenches, screwdrivers, aluminum extrusions and other hand tools in the beginning. Stand primarily markets to Europe, the U.S., Japan and China. The firm was able to develop its IH-Stand ultra-high frequency heating machine No.5 in 2012; two years later, roll out a higher-powered IH-Stand ultra-high frequency heating machine No.8, and open its Electronics Operations Department.

Their products are high-frequency based, which makes it energy-efficient and improves factory safety, thus guaranteeing employee safety. Stand incorporates low-power consumption features to their products to allow heating of various metals; as well as offer products with an automated system that can set up to closely intertwine with the factory’s own automated system.

These machineries maintain built-in input and output signals, allowing users to monitor peripheral equipment, quickly raise temperatures and monitor such temperatures. Metals going through Stand’s ultra-high frequency heating machines can see temperatures rise from room temperature to 1800℃ in just 10 seconds. Depending on the clients’ demands, such flexible monitoring and adjustment can be made to accommodate various industrial requirements.


High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Address: Yongyi Commercial Bldg., Rm. 303, No. 229, Huanchang South Rd., Changping Town, Dongwan, Guangdong, China
Telephone: 86-769-83828776
URL: www.ihstand.com

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