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Since founded nearly three decades ago, Yuan Chung Enterprise Co., Ltd., a specialized maker of screw conveyors, has been well recognized by customers for offering nice quality, speedy delivery and reasonable prices, with products marketed globally. Sensitive to industrial trends, Yuan Chung’s R&D team has worked out such products in several hundreds of specifications to meet requirements in various industries, with an aim to generate mutual benefits with customers.

The company’s screw conveyors, including its independently developed, patented “closed-type screw flight forming machine” built with one-piece, continuous screw flighting, have wide applications. Its product lineup encompasses screw feeders, screw mixers, screw blenders, screw conveyors, U-type screw conveyors, rotary-drum conveyors, closed-type pipe screw conveyors, shaftless screw conveyors, automatic quantifying and packaging machines, etc., as well as varieties of screws and flighting, such as special auger screws, grain auger screws, continuous screw flights, one-piece screw flights, shaftless screws, shaftless screw flights, conical screws, sectional screw flights, mixing screws and many others.

Product application by sectors:
Industrial production: recycling, chemicals, food making, plastic powder and pellets, cements.
Agricultural use: combine harvesters, grain dryers, garden augers.
Special purposes: sectional screw flights, screw press separators, mixing machines, and incinerators

All the products offered by Yuan Chung can be customized in size and specification, as well as in materials used to build, including steel plates and stainless steel plates. Also, the company provides on-site footage measurement and repair and maintenance services.

For the years, Yuan Chung has insistently invested in R&D, and given high regards to every customer, therefore having many industry-leading enterprises on its client list. Through cooperation with customers on R&D, the company has effectively upgraded its technology.

With application of screw conveyors increasingly broadening, Yuan Chung provides customization service to meet requirements for such machines applied in food, chemical, plastic and recycling sectors, as well as whole-plant equipment. In the short term, the company will step up expanding application of its machines.

Founded three decades ago, Yuan Chung, under leadership of its chairman T.Z. Zhan, has continuously upgraded its equipment and the quality of workforce, and improved its products to top-tiers in the global market, over the past two decades.

Responding to steady growth achieved on its abundant expertise, Yuan Chung just set up its second factory, where large-sized, special screw flights can be manufactured, making itself capable of handling a whole production process, from design to manufacturing and assembly, in house to meet various requirements.

Products applied in
Excavators, feed industry, food machinery, combine harvesters, plastic machinery, automatic packaging machines, ironworks, conveyors, dryers, mixers, etc., as well as the conveying of various powder, billets and pellets.

Yuan Chung also welcomes customers’ shop drawings and contract orders for specially designed models. The company aspires to satisfy customers with truly needed products and offers installation, repair and maintenance service wherever it is needed


Auger screws and screw fighting-Special auger screws, sectional screws, grain auger screws, continuous screw fighting, one-piece helicoid fighting, Professional screw conveyor equipment-Screw feeders, screw mixers, screw conveyors, screw blenders, closed-type pipe screw conveyors, U-type screw conveyors, rotary-drum conveyors, shaftless screw conveyors, automatic quantifying & packaging machines, closed-type screw fight forming machines


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