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Guided by a belief that electronics products would become an essential aspect of everyday life in both business and private endeavors, YiYi Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in 1974 with a medium-sized capital investment, but large-sized devotion to bringing top quality products to customers at affordable pri

Today, we specialize in manufacturing membrane keyboard switches, flexible printed circuits, rigid-flex boards, EL panels, and silicon rubber keypads and name plates. We pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate the skills and technology necessary to produce top-quality products that are suitable for use in computers, instruments, electronics and electrical goods. We attribute the excellent reputation we’ve developed in our industry to our experienced R&D departments, our ability to process OEM and ODM orders, and the advanced capability that are large production lines provide.

Due to the fact that we own and operate our two factories locally in Taiwan, we are able to ensure our customers that thorough inspections are carried out at each stage of production as part of our quality assurance policy. Every finished product is fully assessed before delivery, and all of our materials and components are RoHS compliant.

Our commitment to continual excellence and top level quality and service has not only allowed us to develop strong and enduring relationships with our partners and customers, but has also enabled us to develop a reputation in our industry as a trusted leader among our peers and clientele.


Membrane Switch, Membrane, FPC, Flexible Printed Circuit, Rubber Keypad, Silicone Rubber Keypad, keypad, EL Panel, PCB Board, Name plate, Rigid Board


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