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Wun Taix is located in Southern Taiwan, capitalized USD320,000 at (NTD10,000,000), with a factory totaling a workforce of 38. Founded in 1975, Wun Taix targets at providing a total solution for various electronic components. We are concentrated on offering a broad range of AC adaptors, sockets, banana plugs & Jacks, knobs, binding posts, switches and more for customers.

Wun Taix has been long distributed the products under its own brand name which has become an asset for itself gaining a reputation from overseas customers. At present, AC adaptors, AC Sockets, Binding Post, Banana plugs & Jack and knobs are five major items of all available offering. The other accessible categories encompass audio plugs & jacks, DC power jacks, phone jacks, auto plugs, audio plugs & jacks, RCA plugs & jacks, test prod, battery accessories, RF connectors etc.

For almost 70% of the standard offering, our products are commonly employed in PCs, household appliances and equipment. However, Wun Taix is now in the process of developing new projects of aerospace and medical applications. Also, we intend to provide a complete package of various plugs & jacks in the finished product. By means of providing as full parts as possible, Wun Taix is capable of the concerted services.

The majority of its production is carried out in the Taiwan plant. By taking advantage of partial out sources, Wun Taix is concentrated on the procedures of assembly, quality control and package to be executed in the house. Most of its materials are retrieved locally as a stable supply. In addition, quality control is a key process that Wun Taix differs itself from other competitors. It implements ISO 9002 certified AQL system to perform 1% inspection rate


Adaptor Plugs, AC/DC Sockets, Audio Plugs, Cigarette Plugs & Jacks, Banana Plugs & Jacks, Binding Post, Fuse Holders, Cable Assembly, Travel Adaptor Plugs, Audio Jacks, MIC Connector, DC Power Jacks, Rocker Switch, Twinax Connector, Earphone Jack, Push Button Switch, Toggle Switch, Push Terminal Board

Company: WUNTAIX CO., LTD.

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