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Founded on 1st October in 1997, C-double have been highly reputed on sales, maintenance and service in the market to contribute to keep equipments running with advanced technical support. C-double are committing to their customers to enhance their competitiveness by consulting and offering most appropriate equipments to improve productivity and production technology.

In October 2008, C-DOUBLE Head office and Technology Education centre is completed, in addition to supply most advanced machines, to dedicate valuable service to our customers, utilizing the actual machines installed in Technology centre to train and educate engineers of Customers and our staffs.

Recently world wide recession occurred, Taiwan was not an exception either, and the firms who failed to be competitive were facing severe difficulties. We will continue to be a partner for management and production upgrades, to achieve our motto to assist our customers to build up strengthen and stable organization to survive.

Other important role of Technology centre is to be a place to offer the opportunities to work together with managements and staffs to obtain the utmost capabilities from the latest facilities. Resulting at one of our customers could improve productivity approximately 50%.


Laser Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Press Brakes, Grinding & Finishing Machines


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