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One of the leading exporters of “ Commercial Display items “ for more than 20 years.
Our products are both from Taiwan and China.
˙ Gondolas
˙ Various Display racks
˙ Fixtures
˙ Supermarket equipments
˙ Shopping cart/Trolley/Baskets
˙ Wire Shelf
˙ Hangers
˙ Mannequins
˙ Torso
˙ Jewellery Display
Hangers, Display Racks, Fixtures, Gondolas, Mannequins, Torsos, Shelves, Shoe Supports, Plastic Injection Molded Half-Round Forms, Male Mannequin, Female Mannequin, Kid's Soft Mannequin, Acrylic Stand, Foot Form, Flexible Shoe Form, Silver Chromed Hanger, Wire Clothes Hanger, Display Hook, Slatwall Fitting



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