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Backed by years of experience in manufacturing cleaning products, we have developed the latest innovation: “Mamalove” swivel mop kits. With two patented features—washing turntable and ball joint—our swivel mop kits efficiently help users wash/wring mop head by easily stepping on a pedal under the bucket. Users can easily change mop heads with a clip on the ball joint. With two types of mop heads available (a rectangular mop pad and a round, 360-degree swivel mop head), users can attach micro-fiber pad or static sheet to effectively clean dirt particles and hair; or clean the floor with the swivel mop head.Using materials manufactured by Formosa Plastic Group and Chi Mei Corporation, we provide full test reports on products, which are fully made in Taiwan.


Mamalove Mop Kits, Flat Mop Pads, Spin Washing Device, Adjustable Mop Poles, Detachable Mop Head, Easy Mop, Cleaning Product, Floor Cleaning, Air walker, treadmill, Deluxe Abdominal Exercise Machine, Cookware /pot (fire free), Metal Houseware, Plastic Houseware, Heat preservation pot, DIY transformable storage shelf, magic towel/Scarves


Number of Total Employees: 50
Year Established: 2007
Production Mode: OEM, OBM
Total Annual Sales (USD): US$1,880,900
Export Percentage: 70%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: MAMALOVE
Capital (USD): US$31,348
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: ■ Fully made in Taiwan
■ Creative
■ Prompt delivery
■ Quality guarantedl

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