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Kuang Yuan Machinery Co.,ltd. is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer in Taiwan and is reputed of its well-known brands among the Taiwan plastic machinery industries. Kuang-Yuan has been devoting to the R&D, design and production of all types of plastic machinery for many years and its products have also been widely accepted across every corner of the world.

Main Products of the Company:
1. Plastic Laminating Machines,
2. Flat Yarn Making Machines,
3. Plastic Monofilament Making Machines,
4. Foam Net Making Machines,
5. Air Bubble Sheet Making Machines,
6. Plastic Foam Making Machines,
7. Slitting and Rewinding Machines



High Speed PP/HDPE Flat-Yarn Making Machine for Woven Bag, Tandem/Sandwich Extrusion Laminator, Poly-Cell Bubble Sheet Making Machine, Design & Manufacturer of All Kinds of Extruders and Winders, High Speed Laminating Machine, Tandem Extrusion Laminator, PP/HDPE Flat Yarn Making Machine for Woven Bags Plant, Tandem/Sandwich Extrusion Laminator for Laminating on BOPP, CPP, Cellophane, Aluminium Foil Woven Cloth, Kraft Paper, Cement Bags, All Kind of Paper & Plastic Film, etc. Poly-Cells Bubble Making Machine, Design & Manufacturer All Kinds of Extrusion, Winders & Repair for Plant, PP/HDPE Flat-Yarn Making Machines for Woven/Cement Bag Plants, PP/LDPE/EVA Extrusion Laminating & Coating Machines, Two-Layer, Three-Layer Air Bubble Sheet Making Machines, CPP Film/PP/PS Vacuum-Formed Sheet Making Machine


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