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Founded in March 1987, J&T Glory International Co., Ltd. began by developing, improving PP/PE weaving equipment and producing woven items.

Being one of the handful worldwide enterprises able to supply both plastic weaving equipment and woven bags, we also offer customized turnkey equipment for making chemical bags, cement bags, PP/PE woven bags etc., such as Flat Yarn Extrusion Machine, Circular Weaving Machine, Laminating Machine, Bag Making Machine, and Bag Sewing Machines etc., as well as Extrusion Machines, Injection Machines, and Associated Mold for producing plastic pipes and accessories of the pipes.

Striving to integrate operation and advance technology to stay competitive and sustainable, we’ve built a solid reputation for sincerity, service, quality, innovation and efficiency. We offer products fully meeting customer needs and suit for law and regulation. Contact us today for more information.


Chiayi Factory: Develops plastic mold as well as manufactures and sells ABS, HDPE and PVC pipes and accessories of the pipes.

Address: No. 56, Chenggong St., Minsyong Township, Chiayi County 62157, Taiwan
Tel: 886-5-220-0955 Fax: 886-5-220-8178
E-mail: tc168-wm@tarngchu.com.tw
URL: www.tarngchu.com.tw

Gangshan, Kaohsiung Factory:
A. Machinery Department: Manufactures and sells Circular Looms
B. Bag Making Department: Manufactures and sells flat yarn, woven fabrics, paper-plastic lamination fabrics, tubular bags, cement bags etc.

Address:No.22, Shansi Rd., Gangshan Township, Kaohsiung County 820, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-628-1118 Fax: 886-7-628-1210
E-mail: tc168-wm@tarngchu.com.tw
URL: www.tarngchu.com.tw


Circular Looms


Number of Total Employees: 80
Year Established: 1987
Total Annual Sales (USD): 9,375,000
Export Market: The Middle East, Asia (Except China), Central & South America
Brand Name: West Machinery
Capital (USD): 1,625,000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Company: J&T GLORY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. (Gangshan, Kaohsiung Factory)

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