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Ming Sheng was started as an equipment man ufacture company at the beginning of 1980. Through those past years of experience, we are able to build an excellent research & development team. Our main product initially is focused on the small coil winding equipment. From 1982 to 1984, because of rapid increase of Japanese currency value many products are shifted to other Asia country for production to save cost. Among them, motor-related product is mainly moved to Taiwan due to the fact that it acquires more technical process.The equipments used for the above process however are made in US, Europe or Japan. Our company therefore aggressively developed the first made-in-Taiwan vertical dual-fork winding machine.With the sales of 178 units in the same year, the company knows this is the future to go.
Several years after that, the company developed other related products including commutator welding machine, commutator turning machine, commutator mill ditch machine, motor armature test machine, motor end product test machine, multi-polar stator winding machine, no-brush motor stator circling machine, no-brush outer stator circling machine, to name the few.In 1986 Taiwan initiated six-year economic plan, which creates a high demand for heavy electrical industry equipment.Prior to that, because of the small demand no professional manufacturer existed domestically. Our company therefore heavily invested in the areas to develop and manufacture those technical equipments needed in the heavy electrical industry.Our customers include Formosa & Nan-Ya Plastics Corporation, Datong, Indanthrene, Hitachi, Fortune Electric, Allis Electric, Unelectra International Corp, Dai Chi Wang, Yung Heng Electric, Hung Hui Electric, Zong Pao, Song Mau, Tai Chang & PT Trafoindo.The product lists of our company include different kind of equipments needed to manufacture motor, heavy electrical & power transformer, resistor & heater winding machine, and electronic coil machine.That totals more than 110 products.Among them, 35 related products obtain patent in Taiwan & overseas.
We sincerely believe the technology and service that we provide can bring us to be a worldwide manufacturer. In Ming Sheng, we provide not only the excellent quality but also the noble service.We will do our best to achieve your mission no matter how difficult and small your order is.


Winding Machines, Motors, Electric Coil Winding Equipment, Resistanc/Heating Equipment


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