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Ecolighting LED MR16, AR111, T8, Downlight, PAR and Grid light are the best for you!

Ecolighting, Inc. was founded in July 21, 2008. As the semiconductor lighting technology is getting more and more mature and the increaded demands of saving global energy and solving environmental problems, we decided to integrate our ability and know-how to explore the LED lighting field.

We provide a wide range of LED lighting products. Product line contains the following:

LED Downlight
LED Gridlight
LED bulb
LED PAR series

Please don't hesitate to let us know your needs. We provide the best and will make you the best!
MR16, LED Down Light, LED Grid Light, LED Tube, LED ARIII, LED Bulb, LED Lighting, LED Lamp, LED Lamp Bulb GU5.3, LED Lamp Bulb GU10, LED Lamp Bulb E11, LED Lamp Bulb E26, LED Lamp Bulb E27, LED MR16 Light Fixture, LED MR16 Track Light, LED MR16 Recessed Light, LED AR111 Light (10W/ 12W/ 13W), LED AR111 Fixture, LED AR111 Track Light, LED T9 Tube [1ft (4.5W)/ 2ft (10W)/ 4ft (20W)], LED T9 Fixture, 6 inch Ultra-Slim Down Light (12W 115°), 6 inch Down Light (18W 115°), 6 inch Flat Down Light (15W 95°), 8 inch Down Light (18W 100°), LED Recessed Grid Light [Model I/ II/ III], LED Recessed Grid Light (Energy Label), Grid Light (Energy Label), Candle Light / Light Bulb, 3W Candle Light (E14), 5W Light Bulb (E26), 5W Light Bulb (E27), 7.6W Light Bulb (E26), 7.6W Light Bulb (E27), 3W Dimmable Light Bulb (E17), 5W Dimmable Light Bulb (E26), 5W Dimmable Light Bulb (E27), 7.6W Dimmable Light Bulb (E26), 7.6W Dimmable Light Bulb (E27), LED PAR Light, 10W PAR20 Light (E26) 15° & 30°, 10W PAR20 Light (E27) 15° & 30°, 15W PAR30 Light (E26) 20°, 15W PAR30 Light (E27) 20°, 20W PAR38 Light (E26) 15° & 25°, 20W PAR38 Light (E27) 15°, LED PAR Track Light, LED PAR Recessed Light, LED Light Bar, 9W LED Light Bar (1ft) 120°, 18W LED Light Bar (2ft) 120°, 26W LED Light Bar (3ft) 120°, 26W LED Light Bar (4ft) 120°, LED Emergency Lamp, LED Wall Lamp (CW / WW / B / G / R / Y), LED Lamp Bulb for Venus Series, Mars Series, Jupiter Series, Diamond Star, Solar Series, Galaxy Series, Saturn Series, Lunar Series, Meteor Series



Contact Person:

sale@ecolighting.com.tw (sale@ecolighting.com.tw)


B1, Jian 1st Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 23553








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