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Our factory, Xiamen Chiaping Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Xiamen CHINA since 1989.
We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1996. We have been devoted to the development of new products and quality improvement continuously.
We engage in the production and sale of diamond (CBN included) and its related products.
Our products covers electroplate product, resin product, metal product, ceramic product, diamond dresser and Wool product. Be able to satisfy the rough or fine polishing and moulding processing requirements of all kind materials such as hard alloy, hard mould steel, gems, semiconductor materials, glass and other hard materials or nonmetal materials.


Diamond Taper Files, Diamond Tip Files Fa Series, Diamond Precision Files, Diamond Bent Files, Diamond Machine Files, Diamond Hand Files, Diamond/CBN Internal Grinding Wheel, Diamonss Mounted Points, Diamond Dressers, CDD.Monodia Dresser, Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels, Resin Diamond & CBN Wheels, Vitrify Bond Diamond Wheel, Profile Grinding Wheels, Polishing Tools, Diamond Compounds Micron Powders, Felt Bobs, Diamond Stones, Sintered Diamond Files, Fiber Diamond Stones, Diamond Nlades, Diamond Scriber, Diamond CMP Pad Conditioner, Silicon Wafer Grinding Wheels


Number of Total Employees: 100
Year Established: 1989
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: CP
Capital (USD): 1000,000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter
Approvals / Certifications: ISO9001
Company: CP TOOLS CO., LTD.

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