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Janetech Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Asian manufacturer specializing in bellows couplers. For the past 15 years, our team has been using advanced German equipment and producing first-class quality control equipment (second and third dimension measuring instruments). In accordance with Janetech’s concept of “Customers, quality, and reputation first,” our people remain committed to every aspect of the NC machine special use components business, including; R&D, production, the manufacturing process, sales, and creating “zero backlash couplings.” Janetech’s principal products include: Bellow couplings, Elastomer couplings, Torque limiter couplings, Flexible disc couplings, High-speed spindle special use couplings, High speed mold engraving couplings, Shaft locking devices, and Linear way blocks.

Reduced costs and enhanced competitiveness.
Product specifications such as dimensions, torque, quality, precision, and appearance all meet German standards. Janetech sources flexible bellows from leading a German manufacturer with over 100 years in the business. In the field of high-speed mold engraving machines, all Janetech products pass German coupling specifications relating to quality, torque, precision, appearance, and dimensions.

Experience and technology combine to produce international quality standards.
Over 15 years have passed since Janetech’s beginnings as a bellows coupling agent. Since then we have developed our own high quality bellows couplings. Step by step we’ve accumulated technology and experience, and our products have stood the test of time. Today there are more than 150,000 of our couplings being used in machine tools around the world. As a testament to the reliability of our products, there have been no quality issues since we began production. Most importantly, Janetech is able to provide the right information and advice for our customers, and help them solve operational issues.

High standards, a full inventory and fast, efficient delivery.
Janetech provides prompt contingency services to meet every customer’s needs as they arise. We maintain a full inventory at all times and guarantee prompt delivery


Shaft Couplings, Bellows Couplings


Address: 536 Hsinan Rd., Sec. 2, Wujih Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 41467
Telephone: 886-4-2335-8808
Fax: 886-4-2335-9018
URL: www.janetech.com.tw

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