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Lilun Plastics Enterprise Co., Ltd., established a decade ago, is one of Taiwan's specialized manufacturers of gardening tools. Since its inception, the company has concentrated on the development and production of multi-functioned tools, in a bid to distinguish products from those made by competitors.
With an in-house research and development team, Lilun is capable of rolling out over two new items per quarter. The company says it always gives top priority to end-users' requirements when developing innovative products.
At present, one of the company's most popular items is a three-in-one sprinkling set which contains a water-control device, a sprinkling time controller, and a humidity sensor.
Recently, Lilun introduced a new product line-the sprinkling timer for garden use. The product allows users to adjust sprinkling time in a time frame of 12 hours while eight sets of water flushing mode can be reached in one day. Equipped with specialized display panel, the sprinkling timer uses a 9V battery which can last two years at most. The colors of the display panel can be changed in accordance with customers' demand.


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