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Dear Sirs,
We're not only the reliable manufacturer but also the exporter of Plastic-Rubber Processing Equipments Machinery, we have cooperated with Japanese to build-up new production's of Automatic blow molding machine, high density PE, PP, PVC, EVA, PU, Polyurethane Foam, and the capacity depending on the customer's enquery, and we also make PET Preform Injection machine, PET Stretch blow molding machine, Mattress Layout, Mat weaving and others productions etc...
We can provide you best mold to produce good productions for you, Please send us your early information and your Sizes and Capacity that you like to import from us, so your quickly reply would be much solicited, and thanks.
We're looking forward to hearing from you promptly, and Best regards.
David Tsai (LONG HU)


Plastic Monofilament Making Machine, Nylon/Polyester Monofilament Making Machine, High Speed PP/PE Yarn Manufacturing Machine, Blown Film Machine, Flat Yarn Machine, PP Laminating Machine, PP Straw Making machine, Plastic Roofing Plank & Plank Making Machine, Wire Coverning Machine, Granule-Machine, for Treatment of Plastic Waste, PP Heavy-duty Packing Tape Making Machine, PP Light Packing Bag Making Machine, Plastic Machinery of Extrusion System, PVC Rigid & Soft Profile Extruder Machine, PP/PE Round & Flat Yarn, Rattan-Like Yarn, Foamed Yarn for Mattresses, as well as yarn for hats, Fishing Nets Yarn, Window Screens, Sewing -Machine-use Thread, PP/PE Car Tow Rope Winding Machine, MPW-Pirn Type Winding Machine, MSW-Flange Type Winding Machine, Contical Type Winding Machine, Trapezoid MSW-Flange Type Winding Machine, Waste Roll Drive, Extruder, Water Cooling Tank, A Take-Off Unit A, Stretching Device, Hot Water Type Stretching Device, B Take-Off Unit B, Hot Air Circulation type Annealling Device, Winding Machine, Computer High Speed Fancy Yarn Twister, High Speed Fancy Yarn Twister, Chenille Machine, Wool Textile Machine, Ring Twisting Machine, Warp Winder, Coarse Yarn Machine, Cylinder Machine, Reeling Yarn Machine, Napping Machine, High Speed Sewing Thread/Fiber Winder, Winder Machine, Spherical Baling Strap Winder, Rope Making Machine, PP Puffing Rope Making Machine(3 Ropes Rolled Into 1 Piece), household water saving devices, One-Touch Jet Tap, Water Saving, One-Touch Tap, Externally-Threaded One-Touch Aerator, One-Touch Rotatable Aerator, Rotatable Device Seat, Touch-Control Auto-Stop Aerator, Touch-Control Auto-Stop Crystal Tap


Production Mode: OEM, ODM

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