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The company's founder - Tung-Hsun Wang couldn't finish the course of high school because of poor family circumstance. In the middle age of 1960s, he worked as an apprentice at early period, later he was engaged in research, design and improvement towards various kinds of special machine, further, he experienced the field which related to the design and manufacture of varied steel pipe making machine. He established the company in 1977 - names YEE TSONG MACHINE MANUFACTURE INC.

Mr. Wang always holds a philosophy that is "possessing a technique is superior to riches." Work with surefooted and concrete attitude, treat people with sincerity, consult with a open mind, make improvement and advance in the product's designing quality continuously, so YEE TSONG has received favorable opinions from the customs and gained maintenance from the related industry.

2.Grow up
At the initial time, the company once had a hard time, and Mr. Wang worked hard against difficulties to keep his business going, then business has grown up rapidly year by year following with " taking-off " of Taiwan's economy. Customers spread over Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Korea and Israel. At present, our factory occupies 2,000 M2, and workshop occupies 600 M2, there are about 20 people working in factory, the business turns over $ 4 million USD a year. The main products includes steel pipe making machine, straightening machine, tube drawing machine, square pipe forming machine, round pipe polishing machine, square pipe polishing machine etc. We possess excellent equipment and instrument that includes CNC automatic lathe, and all the products have steady quality, with high efficiency and durability.

3.Managing Notion
Mr. Wang always follows the notion of "honest management, high quality, excellent service and meeting customer's expectation." This is the guide what he follows. We have carried out ISO 9001; 2000 positively since 2000, so as to make our staff understand that the company's lifeblood depends on excellent quality and comprehensive service, thus do business continuously, moreover, we had achieved ISO 9000 certification from American ASR, and further, ISO 9001; 2000 certification from UK GLOBAL in March 2004.
The quality policy of company: "To pay all attention on our goodwill and quality." This is a common aim holding by staff.

Our staff is a group of young people who are enthusiastic, vigorous, lively, following closely the advance of age and studying new knowledge continuously. We expect that we will create more prosperity in future under the president's leading and the staff's union, furthermore, we will offer our customer more excellent products and service. We hope we can do service for you with our honor, and kindly give us your advice.


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Address: No. 51, Ming Luen Rd., Yuanlin, Changhua County, Taiwan 510
Telephone: 886-4-831-1301
Fax: 886-4-831-1014
URL: www.yeetsong.com.tw

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