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Emine delivers advanced connectivity solutions for just about everyone from medium sized businesses (SMEs), small and home office environments to corporate IT professionals. Our goal is to provide affordable user-friendly hardware solutions that save time and money, while increasing productivity and efficiency.Emine with more than 200 employees world-wide consists of international sales and distribution networks in Europe, America and Asia. As one of the industry’s true manufactures the company has a committed R&D line-up, backed by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996, FCC, CE certification standards. Recognized for its quality and reliability, Emine understands its OEM/ODM customers providing high-quality, cost-effective hardware solutions. Services include Packaging and Documentation Design, Industrial Product Design, Manufacturing solutions for existing product lines, Product Development and Business Solutions.With a highly-skilled and experienced R&D contingent, Emine specializes in complete KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) solutions, Auto Switches, USB & FireWire connectivity peripherals, IP sharing devices, Networking hardware, cabling and more! Whether you are a large IT enterprise requiring complete server-network management tools or an industry small-office home-office individual, Emine has the solution!


KVM Switch, IP Sharing, Auto Switch, Cable, Flash Cable, Audio Cable, HDDB Cable, Cable Converter, all in one USB KVM Cable, PS/2 KVM Cable, Wires, Wireless, 2/4 Port KVM Switch, True USB & CF KVM, Switch, Wireless Remote Control, Cats Extender KVM Switch, 19 inch Rack-Mount, Au-in-one Cable, EM-814RM, PC


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