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Lien Shing Machinery Co., Ltd. ( = LSM ) Since 1964, Specializing in Planning & Designing & Making
& Exporting Auto. Recyclable Pulp Molding Machines & Full Plants of High Quality & High Functions & Saving Energy. Main Pulp Molded Recyclable Packaging Products Making Machines/Plants as below:
1. Auto. Paper Egg Tray/Box Making Plant.
2. Auto. Paper Fruit Tray Making Plant.
3. Auto. Paper Table Ware Making Plant.
4. Auto. Paper Package Buffer / Container Making Plant.
5. High Precise Pulp Forming Molds.
6. High Precise Plastic Thermoforming Molds.
7. Auto. & Semi Auto. Hot Pressing Machines.
8. Other Relative Equipments & Machines.


Food Box, Food Tray, Cup, Bowl, Fresh Food Container, Cake Box, Super Market Wrapping Plates, Cup Carrier, Bottle Buffer, Can Buffer, Communication Wares, Business Machine, Audio Stereo Equipments, Egg Cartons, Package Cushions, Fruit Tray, Plant Pot, Flower Pot, Egg Tray, Egg Carton, Vegetable Containers, Auto. Pulp Molding Plant, Sanitary Ware & Porcelain Packaging Cushions, Making Food Packaging Products, Supermarket Plate, Bottle Packaging Pad, Hamburg Box, Making Agricultural Packaging Products, Egg-Tray, Egg-Box, Fruit-Tray, Making Recycled Industrial Packaging Cushions, Making Recycled Food Packaging Containers, Making Recycled Agricultural Packaging Products, Auto. Pulp Molded Recyclable Table Ware Making Machine, Auto. Pulp Molding Machine, For Making Pulp Molded Recyclable Package Products., Auto. Pulp Molded Recyclable Table Ware Plant., Auto. Pulp Molded Recyclable Fresh Food Tray/Conainer Making Machines/Plant., Auto. Pulp Molded Recyclable Package Buffer Making Machine/Plant., Auto. Pulp Molded Recycleable Egg Tray/Egg Carton Making Machine/Plant, Auto. Pulp Molded Recyclable Agricultural Package Products Making Machine/Plant, Auto. Waste Paper Recycling Machines, Precision Pulp Forming Molds/Dies., Paper Egg Tray Making Machines ( Fruit Tray), Paper Egg Tray Making Machines ( Plate Packing Pad), Paper Egg Tray Making Machines ( Flower Pot), Pulp Molding Package Product Making Machinery, Waste Paper Processing Equipment, Paper Egg Tray Making Plant (Fruittray), Paper Egg Tray Making Plant (Plate Packing Pad), Paper Egg Tray Making Plant (Flower Pot), Disposable Paper Ware Making Plant


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