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CHI YANG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.was established in March 2004 with its base in Taipei , specializing in the development, design and manufacturing of security, surveillance equipments and lane guidance system. Outstanding product development team, high-quality service and strong employee loyalty are the major reasons for.

CHI YANG ELECTRONICS to progress in a stable pace. We are not only devoted to developing perfect product and strong technical support, but also making efforts in gaining strong brand awareness. Our goal is to become a world-class electronics company. “Our philosophy for pursuing permanent business is based soundly on three principles: innovation, brilliance and honesty. In the meantime, we will keep on strengthening existing know-how, adhering to the spirit of innovation, and improving the quality of our products."

CHI YANG ELECTRONICS has obtained patents in Taiwan (No. 214585), Korea (No. 0340676), China (No. 032454767) and Japan (No. 3101578), and a number of pending patents in American, European and Asian countries for its new infrared alarm system. Currently we are working on obtaining ISO-9001. We wish to make significant progress every day by cooperating with more authorities and professionals, in order to enhance our service quality while establishing an integrated quality system.” To make use of technology to ensure safety of people " and "To show great enthusiasm while providing service" are our mottos. In the pursuit of excellence, we will continue to develop more high-quality and reliable products and provide more comprehensive services.


Detector Sensor and Alarm, Burglar Alarm System, Pyroelectric Infrared Alarm


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