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Double End Chamfering Machine

Double End Chamfering Machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

a). A circular tube modifies an interior angle and an external angle at one time with fastness and precision.
b). It’s simple and fast to switch the knife because of easy to buy the insert disc. in the market.
c). Two stage of feeding knife, and the idle stroke is smooth. It’s available for adjusting the operation stroke according to the cutting volume.
d). There are automatic and manual functions, which are convenient for adjusting the machine.
e). A special and automatic setting device. Available to set the position, do the feeding, blending and adjust the tolerance of the length.
f). Oil mist cooling and lubricating system promotes insert life and no chips will stay.
g). There is a pause switch at the final point so as to assure the flat plane and the accurate right angle of the work piece.
h). The axis head with phosphor & copper bushing can prolong the life.


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