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Worm and Thread Grinding Machine

Worm and Thread Grinding Machine

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LWT-3080 is a multi-functional worm thread grinding machine which equips Open CNC Controller along with Direct Drive Motor and Linear Motor specially for achieving the highest precision level. The machine also features proprietary Luren software which can generate a practically infinite number of different profiles, manage grinding/dressing cycles and store process/profile data without the need for the external PC. The user-friendly smart grinding software with dialogue-type input is applied to make the operation simple and easy. LWT-3080 is designed to do the following types of grinding: double lead grinding, dual pressure angle grinding, plug thread gage, rolling die, crusher roller etc. In addition, our flexible dresser enables profiling of the grinding wheels for standardized worm profiles and multi- ribs grinding wheels for thread grinding, including tip and root modifications and profiles of rotors for pumps.


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