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Fully Automatic UV/IR Spot Varnishing Machine

Fully Automatic UV/IR Spot Varnishing Machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions


Using streaming feeder for easy adjustment.
Double or multi-sheets detection sensor to avoid multi-sheets feeding into the cylinder thus reduces the chances of damage caused to the cylinders.
Paper feeding is served by separate suck and blow pumps under common power supply ensure smooth paper feeding.
Paper pile can be adjusted(both right and left) during operation.

Coating(Main Machine):

Accelerating by upper swing gripper mechanism, to have high production capacity.
Programmable logical control system, assure high machine stability and low breakdown.
The roller bearings are operates within an eccentric housing works with great stability and smoothness thus prolonging the machine life.
Powerful main motor operates in variable speed.
Independent power speed control varnishing roller can be adjusted to control the volume of the varnish used.
Only high grade harden steel gears are used, thus ensured low breakdown rate and prolong machine life.
Auto impression ON and OFF device work within the air cylinder.
Indirect heated circulating varnishing cylinder system.

Curing Equipment(Conveyer Type):

IR light can be adjusted in variable electric current during operation.
Served by powerful air-exhaust fans.

Machine is equipped with light-curtain no unnecessary light exposure is ensured.
In the event of a power failure the air rollers will automatically disengaged itself to prevent UV-curing set or burning belt or any other maintenance trouble later.
To maintain convenience.
Paper Collector:

Sturdily constructed machine, stable operation.
Equipped with fan for faster lowering of paper temperature after curing.
Patent certificate: No. 134127, No. 134128.

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