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Horizontal Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Horizontal Deep Hole Drilling Machine

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Machine Features:
1. NC control system provides high positioning accuracy.
2. The structural parts of the machining are manufactured from high quality cast iron (FC30)
3. Cutting fluid level detecting system. High/low pressure change system and torque detection and protection.
4. The bed always maintains the best accuracy even under heavy load.
5. Chips slot is a direct-drop design without chips jamming problem.
6. The coolant tank is a separated circulation design, featuring fluid and chip separation.
7. The full series of machine is equipped with paper filter and mixing type cooling system.
8. The spindle on FW series is driven by a wide speed range motor, providing powerful cutting capacity.
9. Machining straightness reaches in 0.001.
10. Machining hole range ψ3~ψ30mm.
11. The machine is especially ideal for small hole machining、such as medical instruments、shafts、automotive and motorcycle parts、aircraft parts and machine parts.
12.We have set up a deep hole-machining factory with 20 years of machining experience.
13.The machine is available to equip with an additional jet drilling spindle head, allowing for special machining for hole diameter 25~100mm.
14. Custom specifications are available upon request.

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