KYMCO GY6 oversize Cylinder


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Product Information - KYMCO GY6 oversize Cylinder

KYMCO GY6 oversize Cylinder
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KYMCO GY6 oversize Cylinder
 Product Description
Product Name: KYMCO GY6 oversize Cylinder
Model: GY6-010
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Material: steel alloy
Minimum order: 1 pcs
Delivery Lead Time: depends on the quantity
Payment Condition: T/T, PayPal
> Detail Specifications / Descriptions
Taida ceramic cylinder is durable than founding cylinder.
Its liner is not steel material but applied a coat made form ceramics by electroplate technology.
( GY6 オーバーサイズシリンダー )
The forging piston waste time to produce and need high skill to make, but it can use for a long time and more hard than usually one.
GY6125 cylinder=V2 125 cylinder ( 8.45 HP ) = GP2 125 cylinder ( 8.45 HP )
GY6 Original Size: 52.4 x 57.8(124.6cc )
GY6 125 = 152QMI GY6 150= 157QMJ
Include cylinder body,Piston,Piston ring, Pin, gasket and G ring.
GY6-01057:GY6 Big bore 57mm cylinder (147cc , 54mm spacing)
GY6-01058.5:GY6 Big bore 58.5mm cylinder (155cc , 54mm spacing)
Taida’s GY6 58.5mm cylinder don’t cut the engine block.
GY6-01059:GY6 Big bore59mm cylinder (158cc , 54mm spacing)
Taida’s Cygnus 59mm cylinder don’t cut the engine block.
GY6-01061:GY6 Big bore 61mm cylinder (168.9cc , 54mm spacing)
GY6-01062:GY6 Big bore 62mm cylinder ( 174.5cc , 54mm spacing)
GY6-01063 :GY6 Big bore 63mm cylinder (180cc , 54mm spacing)
GY6-01063 :GY6 Big bore 63mm cylinder (180cc , 57mm spacing)
GY6-01065 :GY6 Big bore 65mm cylinder ( 191.8cc , 57mm spacing)
GY6-01066:GY6 Big bore 66mm cylinder (197.7cc , 57mm spacing)
GY6-01067-c:GY6 Big bore 67mm ceramics cylinder ( 203.8cc , 57mm spacing)
GY6-01067-cf:GY6 Big bore 67mm ceramics cylinder ( 203.8cc , 57mm spacing)forging

KYMCO GY6 oversize Cylinder
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