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FR-888S Automobile Air Condition System Overhaul Machine

FR-888S Automobile Air Condition System Overhaul Machine

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Compressor: 3/4HP
* Vacuum Pump: 1/2HP
* Dosage Scale: 30kg 10g
* Oil Filter: 350c.c. (withstand up to 350 psig)
* Hi-low Pressure Meter: R-134A Freon Meter/one set
* Freon Pipe: R-134A/one set (with fast coupler)
* Cleaning Window: One (with filter)
* Lamp: Layer plate type fluorescent lamp 8W/one pc.
* Dryer: Two pcs (WDK-162), with #2 adapter.
* Freon Cylinder: 30 pound/one pc.
* Liquid Storage: 11kg/one pc (white iron)
* Measurement: 118(H)x61(W)x88(D)/cm
* Weight: 120kg
* Applicable Freon: R-134A or R-12
* Applicable Site: Automobile A/C workshop

Introduction of functions
* Performance Inspection → Pipeline Cleaning
* Failure Detection → Refrigerant Oil Replacement
* Refrigerant Oil Replenishing → Refrigerant Recovery
* Refrigerant Recycling → Vacuuming
* Quantified Filling → Inspect the R12 or R134A Freon of the Air-conditioning System

New A/C maintenance method
* A/C Diagnosis
Connect the FR-888 automobile A/C Overhaul Machine and hi-low pressure working pipe to the automobile A/C system, and then check if the hi-low pressure and the vent temperature are normal. Push the diagnosis switch and check through the peephole if the Freon and Refrigerant Oil are turbid, dirty, deteriorated or wrong (if R-134A system is used, add mineral oil).
* Pipeline Cleaning
Start the engine to turn on the A/C. Feed the liquefied freon into the A/C system through low-pressure end and recover from the high-pressure and for accepting the dynamic cleaning and then turn off the A/C to carry out static cleaning. Shift the Ball Valves Switch for feeding the liquefied freon from the high-pressure end to the A/C system and then recover for accepting reverse static cleaning at the low-pressure end. After finishing the above, remove the Refrigerant Oil, impurities and uncertain factors from the system and then reset the system to zero.
* Vacuuming, Refrigerant Oil Replacing and New Freon Filling
Open the Vacuum Pump to extract air. After vacuuming, open the Oil Filler and add the required Refrigerant Oil. Open the electronic scale for adding the required Freon. After finishing the above, check if the Freon and the Refrigerant Oil are normal. Then eliminate all uncertain factors in the system.
* Coolness Inspection
Turn on the A/C system and check if the hi-low pressure and vent temperature are normal. If other problems happen, you can also use this machine to quickly detect the source of problem and we will provide technical support service.

Conventional and New Model -- Compressor Change Method
* Disassemble all pipelines and locate the connector. Use the ordinary commercial agent to clean the pip eline section by section. After cleaning, reassemble the pipeline, change the compressor, detect leakage, vacuuming, and fill the freon. The entire process takes about 6 hours.
* Connect the hi-low pressure working pipe to the automobile A/C system for cleaning the pipeline. After cleaning, change the compressor and the leakage, vacuuming and freon filling are required only for the compressor connector. The entire process takes about one hour only.

Features of FR-888
* Simply connect the High-low Fast Coupler to the Automobile Air Conditioning System and you can finish the repair work at one time without the need of removing or replacing the pipe. It is fast and convenient, plus time and labor saving.
* Quick detection of the cause of failure to eliminate uncertain factors in the system. No more guessing and speculating to solve your problems.
* Automobile A/C Performance Inspection and easier for refrigerant oil or replacing during the system maintenance to increase your revenue.
* Pipeline Cleaning: There’s no need to remove the pipe or use the agent. It’s available for dynamic, static, forward, backward, or two-way cleaning to achieve a super strong effect (it is even much cleaner than rinsing with agent).
* Performance Inspection: Completely finding our the cause of failure to enhance the customer’s trust and corporate image.
* Lower maintenance and repair costs.

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