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Color Mix Injection Molding Machine

Color Mix Injection Molding Machine

LCH-H80 toLCH-H500 ; LCH-V100 to LCH-V850

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

A special characteristics of color mix injection molding machine is that it has the ability to change a single color product to multi-mixed color product without changing the mold condition, such as wood striped, Mable striped, jade striped..., etc. There is no secondary process (spaying and water painting) required, which gives a new life to the product, extends the product life, and increases the profit margin. Once the injection setting has completed, the injected strips will be evenly mixed that all products will have the same looking, which is different from plum injection molding machine that gives scattered and bad joint effects.
The injection screw structure on a color mix injection machine is the primary difference from other machine types. Color mix injection machine has either dual screw shaft or triple screw shaft design, which dual screw shaft design injects two colors product and triple screw shaft injects two or three colors. Of course, both designs can be used to inject single color products. While different injection screw structures inject different strips, the triple screw shaft design gives wilder design range and expansion.

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