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Automatic rotary type plastic footwear injection molding machine

Automatic rotary type plastic footwear injection molding machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Structural design
Used for both triangular and rectangular mold, it's main structure is casted such that welding points are reduced to the minimum, and there is no oil leakage any more.

Moving platen
Being the first model in Taiwan equipped with rotary type slide ways, the moving platen can be located very precisely, in addition, the vibration is greatly reduced and the service life of transmission parts is prolonged.
Central control unit
Combining the buttons of both materials filling settings and electrical control system,it can simplify the operation and reduce trouble from worker error.

Injection nozzle system
Being adjustable and optimized to meet all conditions, the hydraulic controlled nozzle can be shut-off automatically in conjunction with material conveying and injection by maintaining each injection volume accurately to reduce residual resin, and provide your products the best quality.
Barrel, screw and hydraulic cylinder
All barrel / screw and hydraulic cylinders are processed by nitriding treatment which generates remarkable hardening layer and offers excellent wear-resistance, and they are specially designed to maintain extra high plasticizing volume under heavy loading in long period moving platen.

Bearing supported hopper base
Hopper with handles supported by 4-point bearing can be positioned very easily without applying excessive force, and then can against weight effortlessly.


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