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Plastic Welding Tool Kit

Plastic Welding Tool Kit

Plastic Welding Tool Kit
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Plastic welding tool, Max. temp. 932 degree F ( 500 degree C ) and protection cap.
* Replacement tip for Plastic welding with stainless pipe guide, Max. Temp. 788 degree F (420 degree C )
* Replacement tip for hot staples, complete to bridge the cracked area together in few seconds
* 12 pcs of plastic welding rods, 150mm in length each rod, including ABS/PP/PE/PS material
* 3 pcs of reinforcing stainless steel wire mesh, 50mmx100mm
* 50 pcs of flat staples, alloy wire 0.8 mm in diameter + 50 pcs of flat staples, alloy wire 0.6 mm in diameter, both not breakable
* USB charging cord set + safety stand
1. Cordless and lightweight with durable anti-slip rubber grips
2. Inbuilt LED light to illuminate soldering area
3. Inbuilt safety switch and cap for safety switch
4. Ideal for automotive repair soldering and shrinking
5. Safe protection for overcharging, overdischarging, short circuit and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
6. EMC, EN62133, CE approved and UL listed

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