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3D Print Resins

3D Print Resins

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[Introduction of new light-curable resin]
Applicable to most LCD light curing models
(Phrozen series, Anycubic, Elegoo...etc)

General - White/Black/Grey:
Resin uses nano-pigments, which have high toughness, high success rate, high reactivity, extreme details, and low precipitation. It is a very suitable material for beginners to practice or for veterans to create.

8k - Gray/Black:
The performance is more detailed than the original general series. The formula is redesigned for the resolution of Mini 8k (22um), and the hardness is improved, the reactivity is higher, and the hardness is increased in printing, the shrinkage is low, and the geometric dimension is stable.

Engineering Nature - White/Grey:
High hardness, can be tapped, low shrinkage engineering characteristics, high printing rate is very high, suitable for large objects (MEGA 8K recommended).
The white background color is not easy to see the grinding marks. After the second time, it will turn yellowish. After baking at 40-60 degrees, the yellowing can be removed after 30 minutes, and the white surface can be restored.

Rigidity - Grey/Skin:
With the consistent strength of the engineering series, coupled with the characteristics of wear resistance and not easy to powder, it is suitable for many applications such as the surface of the finished product, the rotating shaft of the movable doll, the sliding sleeve of the gun mold...etc.

Transparent engineering resin, which is easy to print in transparent materials, can be processed, low shrinkage, high hardness, and can even be similar to glass when coated with transparent paint. Immediately after curing, the color is yellowish-green, leave it for a period of time or bake it below 60 degrees for 30 minutes to reduce the yellowing and restore the original translucent.

Stone - White/Glitter Grey/Glitter Grey:
The surface has a unique texture and luster of stone particles. The specific parameters are as follows. Small grain defects and printing layers are difficult to detect. After cleaning, the surface is solid, just like a finished product. It is the best product for hard work after painting. companion.

Polished - Red:
An orange-red resin, which is different from other resins, lies in the fact that Feihong resin objects are well polished and trimmed, the polishing marks are not obvious, the surface texture is fine, and the color itself is the base color of the skin tone. The skin is rosy, adding a touch of life to the model.

High Toughness - White/Grey/Black/Red/Yellow/Blue:
Engineered toughened material, with unique warm leather touch, excellent toughness and clear details, suitable for various applications such as simulating car tire models, imitation leather touch, non-slip hard rubber...etc. Immediately after curing, it will be hard, and it will return to 71D hardness after being placed for a period of time.

Soft - Black/Skin:
Q Soft rebound is fast, excellent toughness, small-amplitude stretching can slowly rebound, normal pulling and twisting can quickly recover, special type material, the ligament in the middle of the ligament is skinny, if there is a break, it will break there, and the hardness is between Between TPU and silicone.
Tensile strength: 1.93MPa, Elongation: 125%, Hardness: 70A.
Viscosity: 650cps/25°C, Elongation: 72.3%, Hardness: 55A.

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