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Squared Floor Drains
Squared Floor Drains Hot

Model:PK591/PK599/PK598/PK597/PK560/PK570/PK565/PK595 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:Stainless Steel 304 Color:stainless steel, bronze-coloured

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Product Function:
1. Included filter that can help avoiding hair or dirt flow into pipes.
2. Easy to clean

Production Features:
1.Patented punching twice-method make the construction of ERIC floor drains be harder hence the loading ability of ERIC floor drains is increased. It's okay to be used for a longer time.

2.ERIC floor drains come with a white filter that can help avoiding hair or dirt flow into pipes; it help water flow out normally.

3. Easy to clean



Place of Manufacture: Taiwan

Material:100% 304 Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment: Polished

Squared Floor Drains
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