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Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

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Functions and Features:
Operating theory:
.This is a continuous hot-air drying device which dries and turns fluid into powder instantly.
.This unit utilizes a unique spray nozzle and a high-speed rotary plate (centrifugal model) to granulate fluid (starchy materials), and sprays hot air to instantly dry the granules as their surface areas are being increased.
.Hot-spray granulating is usually applied to heat-sensitive materials and ensures no quality-change problems whatsoever, omitting regular complicated processes such as concentrating, filtering, grinding, grading, and drying.
.Dried granules feature perfect flow characteristics, which for the food industry signifies that they're easily soluble in water; for the electronic material, powder metallurgy and precision ceramics industries, it signifies that they can be applied to produce high-density uniform products.

.Designed for drying fluid solutions directly into fine powder, such as milk powder, meat powder, carbon acid, and herbal powder.
.Capacity: 5~300kgs/hr.


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