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Single Stack Light Monitoring Module

Single Stack Light Monitoring Module


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The main purpose of managing machine status is to reduce the amount of downtime and to reduce production costs. The easiest way to achieve this is by installing a tSL-P4R1/tSL-PA4R1 intelligent module from ICPDAS, which monitors the output of the machine’s indicators without affecting the operation of the equipment, thereby enabling the current operation stage of the machine to be mastered and ensuring timely command of the logistics system support in order to achieve production goals.

The tSL-P4R1/tSL-PA4R1 is a stack light monitoring module which includes 4-channel DC/AC digital input and 1-channel relay output that can be used to monitor the status of the stack light of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) machine. The module can be used to detect the status of each color segment of the stack light as being either OFF, ON, or flashing. In addition to detecting the status of each individual color segment, the status of the combination of multiple color segments can also be defined, including the ability to report the duration of the previous status. By integrating the tSL-P4R1/tSL-PA4R1 module into your system, it is easy to implement stack light status monitoring on an MES via SCADA software to improve machine utilization and throughput.

Company: ICP DAS CO., LTD.

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