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PG Optidress E

PG Optidress E

Country of Origin:
Great Britain, Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Optidress E is a retrofit dressing system with total optical and digital control with Factstor 2. Optidress E simplifies the manufacture of form ground work.

* Features :
Total optical and digital control, 2 microns (0.0001 in) resolution of all dressing movements.
Highly accurate dressing of perfectly blended forms. Fast, economical and simple to use.
Constant monitoring of wheel break down, dressing tool wear, with instant compensation, an essential factor in the maintenance of repeatability.
No templates, special tooling or programming.
180 degree concave radius capability.
Unique low cost dressing tools.
Fits wheel heads of surface grinding machines and universal tool and cutter grinders.
Work area is totally unobstructed.

PG Optidress E
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