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Top Seal Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine

Top Seal Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine

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TD-600ESCR Top Seal Box-Motion Auto-Packaging Machine is suitable for the compact packing of general leaf type vegetables and has a packing speed of over 35 bags per minute with excellent performance. It allows for the placement of soft leaf type vegetables directly onto the flat film surface which then automatically forms the bag around the product eliminating the need for manual packing. Designed for use by vegetable distributors, farming co-operatives and market providers it has been tested and approved by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Council of the Agricultural Executive Yuan.
Its fully adjustable forming box and cantilever construction make it extremely versatile. Therefore it can be adapted to pack a wide range of products quickly and efficiently, which is crucial in today's market.

For packing the goods with varied length, i.e. the various leaf vegetables, rootstalk etc.

Machine Dimensions: L560*W109*H154cm
Net Weight (N.W.Kg):1650
Gross Weight (G.W.Kg): 1950
Voltage (V): 220V, Three Phase
Servo Motor : 750W*2, 1KW*1, 220V
Electric Heater (KW): 2.4KW 220V
Control System: Color Touch Screen Operator Interface
Frequency (HZ): 50/60
Safety Device: Emergency Stop Button
Sealing Mode: Continuous sealing with heated crimp wheel and straight bar end seal
Sealing Structure: Box-Motion end seal bar, width 350mm
Sealing sides: Center Sealing + Two End-Sealing
Packing Speed (Bags/min): 25 - 35 (According to the bag length, feeding speed and film material)
Max. Width of Packing Material (mm): 700
Min. and Max. Packing Length (mm): 200- 1000
Min. and Max. Packing Width (mm): 700
Min. and Max. Packing Height (mm): 15-120

CE Approved (For Europe Area)

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