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For filling fluid liquid, low viscosity/density liquid, medium viscosity/density liquid and liquid containing granule
◆Self-sucking without hopper.
◆Feeding pump and manual feeding are no more needed, the time of product contacting air will be shortened
◆Types of Pump : Rotary Lobe Pump for C3-R60
◆Volume type filling range : 25cc~5000cc/per filling
◆Weight type filling range : 25g~5000g (including weight of container)
◆Filling amount and filling speed can be set according to the requirements
◆Driven by servo motor and controlled by PLC for high accuracy
◆Liquid might contain max. 10mm granule
◆Weight type filling accuracy : the actual filling accuracy also depends on property of product
◆Volume type filling accuracy : ±2% (but also depends on property of products)Volume type filling accuracy : ±2% (but also depends on property of products)
◆With touchscreen for easy operation
◆Can be set at manual filling or automatic sensor filling
◆Total 99 settings of weight and volume memorized
◆Machine body made of SS304, parts contacting with filling products made of SS316
◆High temperature resistible : max 90℃
◆Filling speed also depends on the viscosity, density and property of filling products

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Company: ACE PUMP CO., LTD.

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