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Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

A Machining Center Designed Specifically for Small Parts

QH-400A Specification:
X/Y/Z axes travel: 600/500/500mm
Table Size: 400 X 400
12,000 rpm ATC 24tools

1.To prevent the column from thermal deformation due to temperature growth and affection on the cutting accuracy due to the structural rigidity, the column is designed with a symmetrical and double-wall structure.

2.The base is rib reinforced for effective vibration dampening during machining, resulting in superior stability of cutting.

3.The spindle is a short nose design to exhibit exceptional rigidity. The spindle head is designed by Finite Element Analysis to achieve an optimal structure with increased length of locking surface, making it possible for deep hole machining.

4.Chips fall down by self-weight into the chip augers at both sides of the base, then chips are delivered to the screw type chip conveyor in the coolant tank. This design efficiently remove chips and heat out of the machine, hence ensuring machining accuracy at all times.

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