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TC Travel Motor

TC Travel Motor

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As the company has long-term (20 years old) in research and development, and professional production of the T600 series of international advanced level cycloid reducer motor advantage, therefore, new product development cycloid motor running, the use of direct drive technology , so that the driving wheel as cycloid reducer motor base, the cycloid drive motor built into the overall output, the fixed base so that both the output shaft rotating wheel to the new structure of cycloid motor running .

- Completely replace the separation of structure common gear reducer motor running
Its axial dimension than the original can be reduced by half, reduce the weight of two-thirds
- Installation space is small, with low noise, high efficiency (95%)
Lining is asbestos-free and rust of dry friction plate can be used for hazardous areas
- Long life, impact resistance, safe, reliable, high performance and low cost

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