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Die-casting mold

Die-casting mold

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◇Multi-slide die casting Mold◇

T-SOK has devoted itself to the multi-slide technology and tooling for more than 20 years. We have gained valuable knowledge and experience so our customers can get the best product and service.

For first time multi-slide die casting users, we also provide complete training and assistance so they can understand the characteristics of multi-slide technology.

Multi-slide die casting tool consists of two to six dies with its individual sliders. Each die, attached to its sliders, is able to move independently to cast very complex parts.

When the dies clamp, our machine injects zamak straight from the nozzle passing the parting line, into the cavity, without going through sprue to reduce cost.

◇Industries Served◇

T-SOK's Electric multi-slide die casting machine is suitable for small to medium complex die casting parts, such as electronic, telecommunication or automobile. We can cast them all.

We provide all our customers full service from quoting until the final sampling and testing. We also assist our customers in merging the multi-slide technology with the current processes.

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