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3U Module

3U Module

3U module
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The LiFePO4 battery pack contains the most innovative PSI manufactured rechargeable LiFePO4 battery cell. It's the latest generation of lithium-based battery products, compared with the current widespread use of lithium cobalt battery, it is completely free of harmful substances, and the battery cell itself no explosion, no fire, very safe, and has the characteristics of high-capacity, high-power, high security and long cycle life, which is the current state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly battery. It is the product of choice for energy saving and carbon reduction. We hope the performance in the Japanese household energy storage device applications, can be gradually expanded to other domestic and overseas markets, to replace other high-polluting batteries, and becomes the best solution for green energy. In addition: 1.easy to install: This product is only subject to take the subsidiary power cable of the front panel and RS-485 connectors, respectively corresponding to the device connected to the system, then you can use. 2. Foolproof design: The ESS has the color-coded function of the power cables to remind the joint operation on security. 3. convenient monitoring: only need a driver to connect the computer to the product, you can see the battery's voltage, temperature, and power (SOC) messages, which facilitate monitoring battery, simple to operate and clear to see. 4 .environmental protection: selection of parts of the product and the process used materials comply with RoHS (Restriction of hazardous Substances EU restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations, and strive to environmental protection.

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