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Electronic Lettering Machine

Electronic Lettering Machine

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

High-speed marking
* LM-380E provides you with marking speed at 20mm/second.
* LM-380E can make approx 33pcs of 20mm-length tube per minute.

Maximum printing length
* TUBE: 6m (LM-370E)/ 12m(LM-380E)
* TAPE: 1m(LM-370E)/ 2m(LM-380E)

Maximum 20,000 characters built-in large memory storage
* Maximum characters: 14,000(LM-370E)/ 20,000(LM-380E)
* Characters per file: 705 (LM-370E)/ 2,000 (LM-380E)

Easy access from your PC

Cutting Depth Adjustment
* You can adjust the half cutting depth with the "Half cutting depth adjustment lever", when half cutting is too deep.

Marking Materials
* Ø2.5mm~Ø5.5mm PVC tubes and Heat-shrinkable tube are applicable. MAX genuine tapes of 5mm, 9mm and 12mm width are available

The pitch can be set up to maximum 60mm
* Marking on tape: 4 up to 60mm
* Marking on tube: 10 up to 60mm "(Auto pitch function is available for more than 60mm)"

* Dimensions: 286(W) x 265(D) x 95(H) mm
* Weight: 2.0kg
* Printing method: Thermal transfer method (300dpi)
* Display: LCD dot matrix : 64x132 Pixel
* Printing speed: 20mm/s(Standard) 10mm/s(Low temperature mode)
* Maximum Printing length: Tube : 12m, Tape : 2m
* Maximum number of characters to input: 2,000 characters per file
* Character size: 2,3,4,6mm height
* Usable tube: Ø2.5mm~5.5mm(PVC tube, Shrinkable tube)
* Usable tape: Width 5,9,12mm(Max genuine tape)
* Tube cutting method: Auto half cut, manual full cut
* Internal memory: 20,000 characters(20,000 characters x 10 files)
* External memory: Compact flash card
* Power supply: DC12V, 1.25A Use only specified AC Adapter(100V~240V) included in the package
* Operating environment: 15oC to 35oC

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