Pocket Smoke-Escaping Mask

Pocket Smoke-Escaping Mask

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Fire suppressants, fire extinguishers, fireproof safety kits, emergent self-help tool kits, pocket smoke-evasive masks.

Centech Technology Co. is a Taiwanese supplier of easy-to-use firefightingand emergency products, supplying mini portable fire extinguisher for emerging fire, as well as pocket smoke-evasive masks, fireproof blanket, fireproof safety kits, and emergent self-help tool kits.

Among the company’s best-known products, the “FIREOFF” fire extinguisher isnon-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, considered an acceptable substitute totoxic foams and Halon. Unique thermal insulation capability may extinguished fires and prevents re-ignition when applied. Non-slip, no messy clean up is required.

It also features easy use and high efficiency, weighing only 0.6 kilogram. Besides,it can be used repeatedly till depleted, unlike ordinary dry-powder models. The applications include outdoor camping, kitchens, staterooms, amusement places, laboratories, houses and cars etc.




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